1. With rapidly changing of lifestyle & stress levels, more diseases patterns have seen. According to diseases medicines are classified as per WHO.

2. Demands of such medicines are increases in patients & hospitals which needs to be filled immediately. we provide the quick supply of the life saving brands as per needs.


1. Terms of sales are generally prepaid, otherwise noted in quotation.
2. we can accept the orders or request for quotation on E-mail, wattsapp & telephone also.
3. There is no hidden.
4. Product pricing and payment terms are clearly communicated between all parties.
5. RMPL can negotiate contract pricing, if required for large volumes orders.
6. We are able to accept payment in United States dollars, British pound, Swiss dollars, Euros and other currency supported by our Bank.


1. According to WHO - certain medicines need to be stored & transported at very specific temperatures. we maintain the products temperature during their storage & transportation.

2. The boxes used by us for cold chain shipment is always validated. Temperature data logger is added to shipment if requested by the buyer to monitor temperature during transit.


1. RMPL having good experience of exports in Oncology, Nephrology, Neurology, Diabetology and many more products.

2. We export since 2005 in 25 + countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Syria, Labanon, Kenya, Uganda, Hongkong, Egypt, Libiya, Srilanka, Tanzania, Djibouti, Ghana, Iran, Jordan, Thailand, Dubai, Somaliland & Iraq.